Making of: My first octopus and her sisters

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I first started crocheting in December 2015. I wasn’t really feeling it and got discouraged fast. I went back to knitting for a few months. Then finally in May 2016 I decided to give it another try.

I wanted to start with something easy and I chose octopus. Well, it is just a round head (and a ball is the most basic amigurumi shape) with eight tentacles (which are flat). So I hoped I would learn some basics and make something cute.

It didn’t all go perfect. I struggled with invisible decreases, which I had to understand if I wanted to make amigurumi. Also, no child should ever play with it, as eyes are far from being safe from swallowing.

But I did learn a lot and was pretty proud of my hard work. I still have this octopus – it sits on my book collection. It might not be perfect but has a nice smile and friendly nature. :)

About two years later I decided to once again make an octopus. Obviously I know now much more than just basics and I finished a few great projects in the meantime. Now you can judge how much progress I made during that time. :)

This time I created my own pattern, a little bit more complicated than a simple ball. I have used recycled cotton yarn. It is stiff and tough to work with, but because of that it keeps shape very well. I also love it’s natural rustic look and delicate pastel colors. And I think those octopuses are really cute! Do you like them?

Blue one has a little friend, a small starfish living on her head. It is available in my shop.

Purple one is a little smaller and without a starfish. Also available in the shop.

The pink octopus is sold out:

Unfortunately, recycled cotton yarn was a limited edition from Drops, so for now I can’t buy more and make another one, unless I use a different yarn. Do you know any interesting recycled material yarn?

1 thought on “Making of: My first octopus and her sisters

  1. Są piękne! Ja sama bardzo lubię takie szydełkowe zabawki :)


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