Making of: Spider

So here is an important fact about me: I have arachnophobia. I also love tomatoes but unfortunately I do not have a house with a garden. Instead, I keep few pots with tomatoes, hot peppers and even cucumbers on my balcony. I enjoy “digging in dirt”, even if only on a little balcony space. But when a spider shows up… well, I cannot get to my sweet, tasty vegetables. It can be very frustrating and phobias are not easy to deal with.

Also, I started to think – what if one day I will have a big, beautiful garden? It would be sad to not be able to enjoy it because of spiders.

So I decided to (veeeery slowly) get used to spiders. I am pretty good at tolerating small ones! But the one that I crocheted is quite big and hairy… Interesting thing is, when I was making him, I wasn’t really scared. But the moment I finished him, put all the parts together, I started to feel very uneasy holding him. He has so many legs, and they all wiggle so much… ugh. Not even his cute face helps!

So he (and his brother that I will show you soon) is looking for a new home with someone who loves creatures like this. Are you that person? If so, visit my shop!

Few words about technical side of creating this spider. For the first time I used a Half Color Change technique. It takes a little more time than just crocheting in rounds, but gives pretty nice effect – spider’s straps are much more even. Also, I added keychain, so you could take him anywhere with you!

Do you have any phobias and can you imagine dealing with them through art? Making a crochet spider doesn’t magically cure me, but I am very proud I was able to do this. It is a little step forward!

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