Making of: Frog on a leaf

About a year ago I made a crochet frog for my friend’s son. I chose polyester yarn in a light green color that was safe for children. Even though I was happy with the result I didn’t enjoy working with bulky and fluffy yarn. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderfully soft, perfect for a small child’s toy, but I prefer working with cotton or wool. Crazy yarn always looks so amazing, but are so hard to crochet with!

That’s why I decided to make another frog – much smaller and from wool. Also, I changed the design a little so legs would look more “froggy”.

One of the most time-consuming part of making amigurumi is sewing parts together. And my little frog had a lot of elements!

Fortunately I have this cute tray that I used to collect all the things for my current project – yarns, hooks, needles, pins, amigurumi parts. Co I did not lose anything. :)

The frog fits perfectly into palm of a hand, but she can’t sit there all the time! So I decided to give her some kind of home… maybe a big, nice leaf? You know, the type that floats on water? And usually there is also a flower, so I made both. This time I used cotton yarn so it would have different texture and color.

I am very happy with final result! My little frog is very cute and fits perfectly onto her leaf. If you want to see more photos of final product or buy it, you will find more information here.

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