Making of: Axolotl

You don’t recognise that weird word in the title? Axolotl – known more formally as Ambystoma mexicanum – is a type of salamander. In the wild they live in lakes around Mexico City. Unfortunately, due to the pollution and other invasive species, axolotls are endangered and might extinct. At least in the wild, because they can also be kept at home in the water tanks.

It would be very sad to lose those extremely cute creatures. In the wild they have a few different colors, but those kept as pets are most commonly pink or albino. This one, crocheted from cotton yarn, is pink with big, red gills.

Axolotls have amazing healing ability, they can repair a damaged limb, as well as regenerate them!

I created my own pattern and before I found a perfect shape, I made some test models from leftover yarn. This gave me a chance to correct details before making a final version. You can buy it in my shop. As you can see, first model was very small and just partial. Second one has eyes, gills and everything but is made from wool yarn that does not really suit this project. Then there is a final version and I think it is perfect. :) What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Making of: Axolotl

  1. Nie miałam pojęcia o istnieniu takiego zwierzaka :) Oczywiście nie mogło być inaczej, wyszedł bardzo profesjonalnie :)


    1. Dziękuję bardzo! Dziwne, mało znane zwierzęta są najlepsze, może powinnam zrobić jakiś następny rzadki gatunek do kompletu! :)

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  2. Piękny ciekawy projekt 😃


    1. Dziękuję, trochę się narobiłam, zanim osiągnęłam pożądany kształt. :)


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