Making of: Photoshoots

I am a crocheter, I am a knitter, but I am definitely not a photographer! But to sell my handmade dread bands and amigurumi animals I need to make good photos. And obviously I want my creations to look good because I am proud of them! I want you to be able to see colors and shapes and textures… this is not easy to do.

That is why often I ask my husband for help – he has a good camera and actually knows something about photography. Once he even took me to professional studio, so he could take some good photos.

But most of the time I set up “photo studio” in the middle of our living room or my desk. It is made from what ever I was able to find in the house ;) Big piece of white paper, shelf from the wardrobe, books… and let’s not forget about yoga mat used as a diaphragm (it works quite well actually, though it is difficult to keep at a correct angle).

My husband sometimes has to lie in not so comfortable position to get a perfect shot. :)

When I make photos, I just use my iPhone. It is not perfect but it is enough for some quick promo shots for Instagram. And I actually know how to use my iPhone while my husband camera has so many setting… well, I guess I should learn about making photos one day. But for now I am going back to crocheting.

You can find products from above photos in my shop. What do you think about ready photos? Do they look good even though they were made in not-so-professional homemade studio?

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