Making of: PUBG Air Drop

My husband is a big fan of “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” and he wanted to have some gadget from his favourite game. He chose Air Drop. Of course, he could buy something but why would he, if his wife can make him one?

From what I saw, most gadgets of that type are plastic so obviously Air Drop made from yarn is quite unique. I wasn’t that difficult to make – I just knitted six squares are sewn them together. :) I used cotton yarn. Here you can see the pattern I came u with (empty spaces are purls and x’es are knits).

Biggest challenge was to make it firm enough to nicely keep shape. I figured out I could just put some felt inside. I used different thickness of felt and the thickest the better.

It looks great on my husband’s desks. :) I do love how it looks and hope some PUBG fans will think the same, because there is a few pieces in the shop. For you or your teammate – celebrate your Chicken Dinner with this cool gadget!

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