Making of: Green and Orange dread band

I called it “Green and Orange” but it is also yellow, light grey and dark grey. So many colours! Usually I don’t work with so colourful yarns, as mixing them with even simple pattern can be often too much. And I like interesting patterns, so I am using mostly one colour yarns.

But this time I had no choice, as my husband gave me three skeins of this yarn as a small gift. He was in the craft shop and just decided to take something for me. :) The yarn is a cotton and polyacrylic blend, so it is easy to work with, nice and soft. Changes of colours are rather quick, so I had no idea what to expect! I just went where the yarn took me and I didn’t know how finished product will look like until it was done.

As you can see, I had a little accident – I dropped the yarn and it got completely tangled. I spent so much time untangling it, ugh!

I used my favourite circular needles. I make all dreadlocks bands on circular needles, so I don’t have to sew anything together and ready band looks much better (I am not that good at sewing, to be honest, so this is a nice little trick!). I chose a really simple pattern – just the ribbing and then purls all around.

How do you like those colours? And if you wanna wear it, you can buy it in my shop.

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