Making of: Jellyfish/octopus for preemies

I am writing this post a little late, as my jellyfish/octopus for preemies already got sold. :) Nut don’t worry, I am making another one in a different colours! If you are interested in a one just like this please contact me through my shop.

Actually, this is not a very complicated pattern. You just make a big ball, put a cute face on it and add some tentacles. ;) But finished product is very beautiful and I am very happy with it. I hope new owner will be also satisfied!

I used Drops Muskat yarn and it was very interesting experience, as it is the yarn I was using to learn how to knit years ago. I hated it! Years later I learn there is nothing wrong with this yarn, it was just my poor skills 😂 In fact, working with Muskat again was very pleasant and now I want to buy more! Did you have similar experience? Needed time to start to like yarn/technique?

Also, at first I made tentacles wrong! See, toys made for small babies, especially preemies, have to be made in a specific way. They should be made of cotton and not be too big. Legs can’t be too long – less than 22 cm, because babies may accidentally get them around their neck! I didn’t think about it at first, so I made them much longer… They would still be OK for older children but I decided to make new ones, shorter, so they would be OK for toddlers.

Research shows that the legs of the crocheted jellyfishes (octopuses) remind small babies of the umbilical cord from when they were inside their mother’s wombs and make them feel safer and calmer.

If you want to see more photos of a finished product, head here.

4 thoughts on “Making of: Jellyfish/octopus for preemies

  1. Another Mommy Blogger 9 October 2018 — 20:47

    These are so super cute!!!


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