Making of: Winter leaves dread band

Recently I was cleaning my wardrobe and I found out I lost all the gloves, including my favourite mittens that I did myself (I have no idea where could they be :(). Also, all of my hats and dread band need to visit a washing machine. So I am definately not ready for the autumn… How about you? Did you already prepare all your favourite knitwear for colder days? :)

If not, check out my dreadlocks band collection – and today I would like to show you my Winter Leaves design. Yes, I am already thinking of winter, as I hate cold (but I do like Christmas decoration, so December is fun anyway!). My ears get cold really fast, but on the other side, I am not a big fan of tackling my dreads inside the hat. When the weather is dark and gloom, I want my colourful synthetic dreads to shine!

Personally, I wear this type of dread band. It is a simple design and I like it but I wanted to try to make something with more, you know, “wow factor”. And what are some interesting motives…? Well, flowers and leaves I guess. Wasn’t sure about final results but – as always – I should have more faith in my ideas! Just look at those leaves and tell me they are not gorgeous!

Knitting leaves like this is not easy – with simple patterns I can just stop thinking or counting and my mind can rest. But when it is more complicated, I have to be careful, as any mistake will be very clearly seen :/ Fortunately, everything went well and leaves look gorgeous. :)

This winter dread band is made from green, 100% wool yarn. It is sooo warm! It is also quite long, so you can be sure your head won’t get cold, but your dreads will still come out through the back opening. So no matter how many inches of snow fall down, no matter how grey and dark the winter sky is, you can shine with your beautiful dreads wrapped in beautiful, green leaves. <3 Doesn’t it sounds perfect?

You can see – and buy – finished “Winter leaves” dreadlocks band in my Etsy shop.

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