Making of: Granny Squares Winter Set

Granny Squares are one of the basics of crocheting. They can be very simple or crazy complicated, in one colour or many. With granny squares there are infinite possibilities, designs, patterns! But usually they are used to making cozy blankets.

At first, I also had in mind a blanket – I dream about a giant 2m x 2m blanket for my bed, but quickly I realized even though making one granny square is fast and easy, making hundreds of them will take forever… I saw pictures of amazing projects like that on the internet and I deeply respect people who did them, but personally I decided to go with something smaller, if you could call the scarf that I made small. ;)

I chose white and three shades of green. The yarn is a wool and alpaca blend, so it is very warm and perfect for winter, but has this soft alpaca touch. It is definitely one of my favourite yarn blends, I prefer it over pure wool, which can be a little harsh.

There are different methods of sewing granny squares together and I chose simply joining them with single crochet. I find it easier and faster than sewing with a needle. It also creates this nice, bold pattern, and I am happy with how the scarf looks.

I also decided to make a hat in order to create a nice, winter set. I feel like hat made out of granny squares are not very popular – I admit, it is a weird design, but it also makes this hat very special and unique, one of a kind. :) It has unusual shape, a little baggy. How do you like how it looks?

Also, for the first time I made crochet ribbing instead of knitting ribbing. It is so much better! I really love how tight it is, I must use it again in different project. Though connecting granny squares to the ribbing wasn’t so easy and I had to start over a few times.

You can buy the scarf and the hat separately or as a winter set in my Porcupine Knits shop! Use the coupon code WINTERSET for a discount, if you want to buy both!

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