Making of: Blue octopus for preemies

If you like my octopus for preemies, but are not a big fan of pink, now you can buy the same octopus in blue! One more colour (green) coming soon!

While making it, I decided to try something new and shot short film about crocheting. It was much more difficult than I expected! If I looked at my hands, I would move them too much and get out of the frame. If I looked through the viewfinder, it would get difficult to coordinate my movements… it was an interesting experience and I will try it again. I won’t be creating long, instructional videos, as I don’t really have proper tools to do this (this is how my “record studio” looks like:)

…but I hope to learn something new with this short movies and I hope you will enjoy them too. You can watch them on my Instagram.

Single crochet:

Double crochet:

And if you like my octopus, you can buy it in my Porcupine Knits shop on Etsy. Research shows that the legs of the crocheted octopuses remind small babies of the umbilical cord from when they were inside their mother’s wombs and make them feel safer and calmer.

This octopus has a free shipping!

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