Making of: Black winter dreadlocks band

Back to the basics! My winter dreadlocks band was one of the first items I put in the Porcupine Knits shop. I still wear one I made for myself two years ago.

Recently a customer asked if I would make a black one, since I have only grey and pink (there was also a purple one but it sold out). Obviously I said yes as it was nice to hear someone like my design and is willing to wait until I make one just for them.

It is also a little smaller than the other ones as the customer requested, but just as warm, made from wool-alpaca blend that I personally love. In general wool with alpaka are my favourite yarns. :)

Do you like it black? Would you like me to put some more black dreadlocks band in the shop?

Also, I decided to refresh my stock a little, so I am making new bands in grey and pink, but also thinking about adding a few new colours – blue, green? Or maybe something earthy? What would you like? :)

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