Short shop update

Hello there! Recently I was busy sending orders out – around Black Friday and before Christmas there is much more shoppers out there! Thank you for choosing Porcupine Knits!

Because of that I decided to order some yarn and re-stock a few things that got your interest. I am starting with dread bands – grey ones are coming back to shop soon, there will be also some new colours!

Right now you can find pink and pink with black stripe versions of this warm, winter dreadlocks band im my shop. I will add black one tomorrow probably, and other colours next week. Stay tuned, dreadheads!

Once I am done with that, I want to make few more octopuses for preemies. Don’t worry, there is still one of each colour available (pink, blue, green) but I want to restock in case they got bought soon.

I also have like thousand photos to make! This is always the hardest part for me, but good pictures of yarn looks so… well, good. :)

In the end, there is a new, exciting project I want to do, but for now I will not tell you anything about it! :P Tune in to my Instagram or Facebook, this is the first place you can see photos from work process. All I will say is this – I will be using this cotton rope. Intrigued?

It is going to be a few busy weeks, see you next Friday!

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