New photo box!

As a Christmas gift I received a photo box! Making photos is one of the most difficult part of whole selling process. As much as I enjoy crocheting, I hate photographing finished work – I don’t have enough space, the lighting is awful (and in the winter – there is none), composition is not working… So I hope now it will become much more enjoyable!

Photo box is a big box with white background and built-in light, so I don’t have to struggle anymore with trying to catch perfect sunlight! And I can make photos in the evening! It definitely makes my work easier.

Now my only problem is that I am not very good in making photos in general. :D My husband lend me his old camera but I can’t figure out all the settings so I still prefer using my iPhone… well, this will be a new thing for me to learn this year! Keep your fingers crossed!

Ironically, it is not easy to make a photo of the photo box, since the light inside is really strong! ;)

Here is one of new photos I made in the photo box. How do you like it?

And if you like the octopuses, they are available now in the Porcupine Knits Etsy shop in three different colours! Check it out. :)

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