Shop update: more octopuses for preemies!

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you already know I have restocked my octopuses for preemies. They are so fun to make – so sweet and cute with their gentle smiley faces and funny, spiral tentacles. And since most of them got sold, I am guessing you like them too. :) So I made new ones!

There is total of 7 octopuses is three different colours available right now. If you want one in a different colour, please contact me through Etsy massages and I will make one just for you. :)

Pink octopuses for preemies:

My octopuses are made from 100% mercerized cotton yarn. Without any hard or sharp parts, they are safe for a small child.

Blue octopuses for preemies:

Research shows that the legs of the crocheted jellyfishes (octopuses) remind small babies of the umbilical cord from when they were inside their mother’s wombs and make them feel safer and calmer.

Green octopuses for preemies:

They are all perfect gift for a premature baby, newborn or toddler and new mom. They would make a wonderful first toy for a child. :) Ready to be shipped!

There is also one a little bigger octopus, made from regular cotton instead of mercerised:

How do you like them? Should I do more of them? Change colours or shape? Tell me what you think! And don’t forget to visit my shop Porcupine Knits on Etsy.

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