Making of: Flower of life

Recently I got interested in some new stuff, connected to sacred geometry shapes and mandalas. All of those can be a great inspiration for crochet art, as they are so regular, beautiful and can hold great meanings. Today I will show you only flower of life, but soon there will be more of my newest creations here on the blog and in the shop.

I started with flower of life, fascinating sacred geometry shape known and used since ancient times. It contains of overlapping circles, creating flower pattern. It is not easy to achieve with crocheting.

Here are a few photos of my first take on flower of life:

I feel like it is to condensed and there is not enough space between petals to see pattern clearly. And of course wool is not the best yarn for it, but as it was an exercise I just used some old wool yarn I am not using on anything else.

I also learnt about putting my crochet work on a metal circle. I think it looks ok-ish, but for the future I want to buy wood circles as I hope I won’t have to hide it all and it will look pretty and natural.

First, I was thinking about using recycled yarn for it, but I have already used most of what I bought and new ones are currently unavailable to order. :( Also, I wasn’t happy how the pattern was looking, mostly because recycled yarn is very tough and hard to work with and shape correctly. And I modified the pattern so there would be more space between petals.

Then, I accidentally found cotton rope on the Internet while I was looking for a different yarn. It is absolutely amazing, so thick and hard. I love the colour (brown with black spots) and how the finished product looks like.

I have made two flower of life coasters. Smaller one is already available in my shop and I will list bigger one soon. They can be used as a coaster under a cup or a decorative item on a table or drawer. But since it is a flower of life, I also see it as a part of altar or sacred space. It would look great surrounded by crystals. <3

How do you like it? How would you use it?

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