New inspirations: Mandalas

I am always looking for new things to crochet or knit! Logic says I should keep doing amigurumis, scarves and dreadlocks bands, but life would be boring without trying something new and risking a little bit from time to time, right?

And recently I become interested in spiritual realm (or whatever it should be called… I don’t even know myself, searching for new beginnings in my life). That means that sooner or later I had to fall in love with mandala ā€“ perfect circle representing perfect universe.

There are many ways to create mandalas, but my weapon of choice is yarn and crochet hook. I started with learning some very basics from YouTube and surprisingly it brought me a lot of fun. Learning something new, even if it is simple, brings me joy. I kind of forgot that feeling and it was nice to be reminded why I love so much to crochet. It is easy to lost joy with the stresses of everyday life, lack of time or ideas and being busy with milion other projects. Sitting down and making basics patterns was exactly what I needed at this point.

I have a few ideas for my own patterns and I am soon implement them in some completely new stuff ā€“ wall hangings, dream catchers, Easter home decor. I want to focus on flowers as the spring is coming. Right now I can’t show you anything finished (as I am still waiting for missing supplies) but soon there’s going to be a lot of great stuff to show you!

I have already bought some flowery cotton yarn and put them in a few different colour schemes. I already have ideas for some, but I am still combing through the Internet looking for inspiration.

This means my shop will change a lot. I don’t want to have a little bit of everything in there, so I am going to run a sale on older stuff to make some space for new creations. If you wanted something from me, soon there will be a chance to get it cheaper! Stay tuned!

Is there any kind of a mandala or cream catcher that you would like to see? What elements or motifs should I use?

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