Colours! + Spring collection preview

I have a confession to make… I am not very good with matching colours! I should be as an artist, but I am never sure what goes well with what and choose classic, easy combinations or put together something not really looking that well together. Come on, it is tough, every colour comes in so many shades…

Fortunately, I am not alone with this problem! My husband has a much better eye for colours than me, so I just sat him in from of a computer and asked to order some yarn for me. Here are some colour sets he chose. How do you like them?

Vibrant set
Vibrant set
Browish, natural set
Browish, natural set
The one with orange
The one with orange
Spring time!
More toned down set
More toned down set

I want to make something completely new for my shop – spring, flowery collection of wall decor, dream catchers, Ester decor. All of this should be already in the shop, but recently I had to focus on a different job and didn’t have enough time to crochet… Also, I adopted two cats so it is even more extra work. But it is also a lot of joy. ;)

I am not happy about delay, but some items are ready, I just had to take pictures. So next week there will be definitely something new in Porcupine Knits shop. I hope you will like it!

Oh, and remember that in March all of my scarves, some slouchy hats and most of amigurumi animals are discounted 30%! Go check it out, maybe you’ll choose something for yourself. :)

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