Making of: Wall hanging with flowers

If you haven’t seen in yet, I put my new wall hangings collection in my shop. I am not finished yet, so expect more wall decor soon! There will be more dream catchers, crochet stuff and even macrame! But today I would like to show you my crochet flowers wall hanging.

I definitely should crochet flowers more often! There are so many amazing patterns for all kinds for flowers on the Internet and I am doing none of them, ugh! In this wall hanging I have used very simple flowers, as I do not want them to be too heavy (both physically and as in composition). They can take surprisingly a lot of time to make, especially when I am not sure what colors to use, they came out too big or I made some stupid mistake and have to start from the begging… but I really like them. What do you think?

I have added white petals with green outline as a final layer. White, because I wanted colour of other petals to pop better and green because I wanted for something to resemble leaves. I even thought about adding crochet leaves, but at the end I decided it would be too much.

Inside of this wall hanging is a crochet mandala pattern, also very flowery. My favourite thing in mandalas is making those vines-like elements (made with green, so they look kind of like leaves or vines). Also, this time I decided to crochet all around the wooden hoop, so you can’t really see any wood.

Here a photo of a whole spring flowers wall hanging:

It is not the best photo as I am yet to find good place in my house to do this pictures. Hope I will get better with it soon! Taking photos is still the most difficult part of preparing my goods.

You can find this wall hanging here.

PS. Today is my birthday! So here’s a small gift for you, use 10FAV coupon to get 10% off any product! And remember some of the stuff is currently on sale!

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