Making of: Boho dreamcatcher

I wanted to make a dreamcatcher for sometime now after making three I think it is my new favourite thing!

As always, I got inspired by the Internet – watching pictures and YouTube videos, trying to choose the best technique for me. I am excited about all the experimentation with different materials and ways of making dreamcatchers!

I decided to buy some plywood hoops – I worked with metal ones before and wasn’t that happy with them, but I guess I will try again at some point anyway. I saw some amazing hoops made specifically for dreamcatchers, with pre-made cuts for a thread but they are too expensive. I saw people use all different types of things, I still have to check some of them out.

Plywood hoops can be tricky – yarn get accidentally stuck into in, it is not as smooth to move around the hoops like with the metal ones. Wraping it in yarn took actually a lot of time and precision.

Then I put some really cute metal beads on a long piece of yarn. I really love those beads, they have this amazing, raw looks to them. As you can see on the picture, I used a piece of cardboard to put the yarn around for easier work. Still, I often get yarn tangled, which is not good so I have to work on that.

Final version of this dream catcher is actually the third version, since I did not like how the two previous ones look like. I just cut the yarn out of inside of the hoop and use another piece.

Then it was time for ribbons! I really like cotton, rustic looking ribbons, so I used them here, thinking they will match perfectly. All in brown and beige.

Here is final version (with some of my witchy books in the background):

How do you like it? Do you thing I should do version with feathers or something different? And of course if you do like it, you can find it in my shop.


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