Making of: Cat witch amigurumi

Summer is not the best time for me to crochet or knit. I am just not in the mood… which can be a serious problem when you’re trying to run a shop, you know. :/ That’s why making this super cute witch cat took me much longer than I expected. Fortunately, it is now autumn, and I am already working on three new, different projects, so I am back on track! Now, let’s talk about my kitty!

At the very beginning, I wanted to make a human doll. I watched some tutorials and started creating patterns, but it just wasn’t working and couldn’t find my own doll style. But I still wanted to crochet a witch! And what do witches have? Well, cats…

Yes, the idea is a little weird but I decided I like weird. That’s why instead of typical girly doll I made a cat that is also a witch.

First step is always a pattern. This is my least favourite part of crocheting – it takes a lot of time because is it rarely perfect at first try, so you need to do adjustments. I really enjoy following ready pattern (which can be very mindless, so I can watch Netflix while working) but making sure the pattern is correct and the final shape of, for example, a body part is exhausting.

After I made “trial” cat (it is two-coloured because I used scrap yarn – basically what was just lying around), I twitch my pattern here and there and moved on to final version of my cat. Below you can see some slight differences between main body:

I had to make a lot of parts! Even the head is made from two separate pieces (I have seen some patterns witch one-piece cat head and I tried them, but didn’t like final affect). And every person that crochet will tell you this – sewing parts together is THE WORST (also: weaving yarn ends. Especially when you have 50 of them…).

Below you can see differences between test version and final version. As you can see, at first I tried soft whiskers made from yarn, but they looked awful. Instead, I used plastic ones, which are also very difficult to put in the right shape. When you try to bend them, they will just go back to previous shape but touch them accidentally and they will bend to the other dimension immediately. It was very frustrating.

Also, I have changed the hat. My first idea has to make holes for the ears but it just looked messy, so I went witch more traditional witch hat.

I am not sure why I haven’t made any photos of making accessories – hat, broom, cauldron and dress… I guess I was tired and just wanted to finish quickly. So here’s a photo of finished cauldron. Making bobbles hasn’t that easy too as I wanted it to look different… still pretty nice.

Do you like weird ideas too? Do you think I should continue making cat witches in different colours? I really would like to do some but want to know your opinion too!

And if you really like this one, you can buy it in my Porcupine Knits Etsy shop, it is on 15% sale right now. :)

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