Making of: Fehu rune wall hanging

Some time ago I discovered corner to corner crochet technique and I am in love with it <3 I started with some really big projects (deer and fish) and I want to make more amazing, giant tapestries and blankets… but that will take a lot of time and as much as I love big patterns, I also wanted to made something smaller. And I thought Elder Furhark runes would be perfect for that!

Mostly because of their shape, which is very easy to adapt as a corner to corner crochet pattern. But also because after making Flower of life coaster I did not work with sacred geometry or pagan and spiritual symbols as much as I wanted to. I thought it would be a fun way to be productive and learn a little bit about something new!

Creating and following patter was very easy and fun – my biggest struggle was with materials. I wanted to work with cotton and made Fehu using cotton yarn. I also finished it using macrame technique and… in theory it’s ok but I am not really happy about it. What do you think? Do you like it?

It looks much better done with wool and I made fringe differently… I like how it looks but in the meantime I come up with a completely different idea for finishing that fringe – you’ll see it soon! :)

This rune wallhanging is already available in my shop. It is first of many, as I want to make all the Elder Furhark runes – I already know that I want to do them in wool, as it looks nicer and fuller than cotton but I am not sure about green colour. I think I will use more earthy colours, bronzes, beiges… maybe you have other suggestions? Which rune would you be interested in seeing?

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