New photo box!

As a Christmas gift I received a photo box! Making photos is one of the most difficult part of whole selling process. As much as I enjoy crocheting, I hate photographing finished work – I don’t have enough space, the lighting is awful (and in the winter – there is none), composition is not working… So I hope now it will become much more enjoyable!

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Short shop update

Hello there! Recently I was busy sending orders out – around Black Friday and before Christmas there is much more shoppers out there! Thank you for choosing Porcupine Knits!

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Making of: Granny Squares Winter Set

Granny Squares are one of the basics of crocheting. They can be very simple or crazy complicated, in one colour or many. With granny squares there are infinite possibilities, designs, patterns! But usually they are used to making cozy blankets.

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Making of: Cat scarf

I have already shown you two scarves made with reversible double knitting technique – pink hearts and blue hearts. Today I would like to show much more complicated, animal design. Do you like cats? I hope so!

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