Dreadlocks band – free patern

This is a pattern for an easy dreadlocks band. Warm and comfortable, it’s ideal for colder days. I created it for myself, as I couldn’t find anything suitable – big enough to hold all of my dreads. Also, why would I want to hide them that way? I didn’t want my head to get cold but I still wanted everyone to be able to see my amazing dreads! So here’s a solution.

You can find this pattern in Raverly database – Link

You can buy ready product in the Porcupine Knits shop.

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Easter Egg – free pattern

You can find this pattern in Raverly database – Link

Are you looking for an easy, fast to make Ester decoration you can prepare yourself? Try those two-coloured Ester Eggs! You can choose what ever color you want – be creative and have fun, maybe add a sheep or a bunny. Make your Ester dinner table look special. :)

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