Blue jellyfish/octopus for premiees

Available in the Porcupine Knits shop.

This cute jellyfish (or an octopus, if you wish) is made from 100% cotton blue yarn. Without any hard or sharp parts, it is safe for a small child. It has a smiley face and eight spiral legs (3 light blue, one dark blue and four white).

Research shows that the legs of the crocheted jellyfishes (octopuses) remind small babies of the umbilical cord from when they were inside their mother’s wombs and make them feel safer and calmer.

• Size: length from head to the end of tentacle 16 cm (6,3″), length of tentacles approximately 9-10 cm (3,5-4”) and approximately 14-16 cm (5,5-6,3”) when stretched out, head’s circumference approximately 29 cm (11,5″).

• Materials:
100% double gassed cotton.
Filled with silicone polyester filling.

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