Shop update: dreadlocks bands

As I said, I started restocking shop with dread bands. Right now three colours are available: grey, black and pink with a black stripe.

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Short shop update

Hello there! Recently I was busy sending orders out – around Black Friday and before Christmas there is much more shoppers out there! Thank you for choosing Porcupine Knits!

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Making of: Winter leaves dread band

Recently I was cleaning my wardrobe and I found out I lost all the gloves, including my favourite mittens that I did myself (I have no idea where could they be :(). Also, all of my hats and dread band need to visit a washing machine. So I am definately not ready for the autumn… How about you? Did you already prepare all your favourite knitwear for colder days? :)

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Making of: “Blue basketweave” dread band

I must say, I am in love with this dreadlocks band! It is big and baggy, it is super nice and comfortable, it has beautiful blue colour and amazing basketweave-like pattern. It is definitely one of my favourite designs and I would gladly wear it myself, but I am trying to run a business so… ;) if you like it too, you can buy it here.

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Making of: Green and Orange dread band

I called it “Green and Orange” but it is also yellow, light grey and dark grey. So many colours! Usually I don’t work with so colourful yarns, as mixing them with even simple pattern can be often too much. And I like interesting patterns, so I am using mostly one colour yarns.

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