Shop update: more octopuses for preemies!

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you already know I have restocked my octopuses for preemies. They are so fun to make – so sweet and cute with their gentle smiley faces and funny, spiral tentacles. And since most of them got sold, I am guessing you like them too. :) So I made new ones!

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Making of: Green octopus

So after I made pink octopus and then blue octopus I tough – why not try less popular colour? I imagine there must be more people frustrated with this pink/blue choice all the time. That’s why now you can also buy a green octopus in my shop!

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Back in stock: Pink octopus for preemies

Remember this cute little octopus? It’s back in stock! Well, not exactly the same, new version is a little smaller, but still adorable. It’s available in the Porcupine Knits shop and different colour options are coming soon!

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