Shop update: more octopuses for preemies!

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you already know I have restocked my octopuses for preemies. They are so fun to make – so sweet and cute with their gentle smiley faces and funny, spiral tentacles. And since most of them got sold, I am guessing you like them too. :) So I made new ones!

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Get ready for Christmas!

Christmas is coming and millions of people will order their Christmas gift on the Internet. Please don’t wait to the last moment! At this time of year mail can get really slow!

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Back in stock: Pink octopus for preemies

Remember this cute little octopus? It’s back in stock! Well, not exactly the same, new version is a little smaller, but still adorable. It’s available in the Porcupine Knits shop and different colour options are coming soon!

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